cucina italiana vasta scelta di Pizza bianco rosso e bollicine Tel. In the afternoon, the King of Prussia, Frederick-William II, inexperienced and indecisive, ordered his troops to turn around and march toward Weimar (in order to reinforce their comrades at Jena). D-99423 Weimar Jena and the surrounding area France had occupied Italy and the southern German Länder, a potential source of future wars, against the advice of Talleyrand, Minister for Foreign Affairs. King Frederick William’s Route It begins at the Gedenkstätte Hassenhausen commemorative monument. It was with great difficulty that Holtzendorf was able to concentrate his forces. A monument near the village church, designed by Prof.Max Unger of Berlin, was inaugurated on the 14th of October 1906 for the 100th anniversary of the battle. Castle of Neuenburg, Schloss 1, D-06632 Freyburg The oldest castle of the landgraves of Thuringia was built in 1090. Naumburg Cathedral Domplatz 16/17, D-06618 Built in the early gothic style, St Peter und Paul is the most famous symbol of Naumburg. : +49 (0) 36 1/66 40 0 D-99510 Kappellendorf Schiller’s garden pavillion, SchillerBächen 2, Jena. 150,000 soldiers fought on the battlefield of Jena, on a terrain measuring 6km by 12km, and 100,000 of them were directly engaged. However, war with Napoleon delayed its publication for two more years: in 1806, Napoleon routed the Prussian army at the Battle of Jena and took over Weimar. Around 10am, the lines around the town were aflame. E-mail:, Goethe’s Garden Pavilion : +49 (0) 36461/ 2 07 04, Auerstedt carriage museum It was there that he promised a university delegation from Jena that he would pay compensation for the damage suffered by the inhabitants of the town during the fighting. Opening times: from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10am to 4pm. Guided tours: Werner Meister, Tel. On the 12th of October, the Prince of Hohenlohe-Ingelfingen had set up his headquarters in the castle of this small town. The Eberhard Monument commemorates the death of the commander of the Grawert Infantry Regiment (the 47th), Major Von Eberhard. Duirng the course of the past few years, the association, with the support of diverse partners, has installed panels along the way bearing quotations and planted trees in whose shade walkers can immerse themselves in the history of this place. It crosses the area through which the French troops under Bernadotte passed. The tower is dedicated to the fallen in Rüchel’s army, defeated here at the end of the battle of Jena. Frauenplan The Bissing Monument La llegada de la democracia llevó a la fundación del Estado Libre de Prusia y la formación de un gobierno de coalición de socialdemócratas , católicos (Partido de Centro) y liberales , la llamada coalición de Weimar, que gobernó entre 1919 y 1932 (ampliada por el conservador DVP entre 1921 y 1925). The castle, built in the middle of the XIIth century, boasts a turbulent history. He lived and worked here until his move to the house on the Frauenplan in 1782. Hasta 18 MSI con Setting out from Naumburg via Bad Kösen, the Marshal Davout Route rejoins the Napoleon Route at Hassenhausen. F. G. Hourtoulle, Iena: Battle of Jena, 1806, Paris: Histoire & Collections, France, 1998 We suggest to you here three routes through the region in and around Jena, The Battle of Jena, the Battle of Auerstedt and the Napoleon Route, not to mention Napoleonic Continuations including Weimar and Erfurt. At the end of the day, the French were victorious on both battlefields. It was the highest point on the battlefield, and so played an important part in his victory over the Prussian Army. Here he wrote “The fiancée of Messine” and “William Tell”, as well as fragments of “Demetrius”. Castle run by the Foundation for the castles and gardens in Thuringia The Duke of Brunswick, commander in chief of the Prussian army, led the main body of the army, based near Auerstedt, onto the battlefield of Hassenhausen. E-mail:, Schiller’s House D-99518 Auerstedt : +49 (0) 36 1/66 40 0 A … When the fighting began, they  were positioned around «An der Schnecke» and Isserstadt, in order to cover the attacks from the Mühltal. Schlosshof 1 This geographical separation was to prove to be a serious handicap when battle was engaged. Find out more. Contains a princely crypt, the tomb of the local princes, built between 1824 and 1827 on the orders of the grand-duke Charles-Augustus. 269-74, + maps, Jena Tourist Information Johannisstrasse 23 “I want to astound Germany with my magnificence,” said Napoleon. From the 12th to 14th of Octobre 1806, it housed the headquarters of the Prussian and Saxon army commanded by the Prince of Hohenlohe-Ingelfingen. From the top, visitors can take in a breath-taking panoramic view, stretching from the Weimarer Land to Ettersberg. The baroque church, with an altar and organ Donat-Trost, is one of the most exceptionnal sacred edifices in Thuringia. Objects found on the battlefield and weapons of the period complete this exhibition, while a large diorama of lead figurines maps out the field and the combats that took place upon it. Part of the Saxon division was taken prisoner. This division advanced by the North from Hassenhausen, toward Eckartsberga. A former military road leads from Auerstadt to the hill at Gemstedt on the B 87. Tel. Peter Hicks, June 2006. Website: Napoleon was fully aware of the enormous strategic advantage offered by the Dornberg, and concentrated all possible efforts on its conquest as soon as battle was engaged at Jena. Fields as far as the eye can see, gentle hills and wildlife. The battlefield of 1806 has remained a tourist site, as have the nearby towns of Weimar, Apolda, Naumburg, Erfurt (the capital of Thuringia) and Eisenberg. The museum is managed by the Heimat- und Traditionsverein Auerstadt e.V. E-mail: General Friant commanded the French troops on the right wing that struck the Prussian front lines from behind and forced them to retreat. Pero lo que se sabía en ese momento, les dio a los nazis la excusa para forzar a través de una serie de decretos de emergencia la muerte de la democracia en la República de Weimar. Open to visitors in a new setting, and faithful to the spirit of Goethe, it is even possible to spend the night here. The building, now a conference centre, hosted the meeting between Napoleon and Tsar Alexander I, the 27th of September 1808. In 1860/62, a Russian Orthodox chapel was added to the princes crypt, which houses the tomb of Maria Pavlovna, daughter of the Tsar and grand-duchess. Nature Park Travel – Europe off the Beaten Track They received no information regarding the course of operations and were not called in as reinforcements. It was the seat of the governor of Mainz and today houses the Chancellory of Thuringia. The double Romanesque chapel is one of the unique features of the castle. : +49 (0) 36 1/66 40 0 In Weimar The sumptuous carriages give an eloquent vision of luxury and mobility of a time when the world was dominated by horses. In Dornburg Marshal Ney’s Route The Prince of Hohenlohe’s Route Ever since, the frontier stone bears the name “Napoleonstein”, or “Napoleon’s Stone” After the Second World War, the terrain was used by the Soviet Army and was inaccessible to the public. It was here that Schiller wrote some of his works, including his famous Wallenstein trilogy. In less than 30 minutes, his 15,000 men were defeated and forced into retreat. The town of Weimar, although primarily marked by the poets Goethe and Schiller and the intellectual effervescence of German classicism, keeps several places of rembrance of the Age of Napoleon. The “Europe Route” marks the Prussian positions during the fighting around Vierzehnheiligen. Charles Meynier: Napoleón en Berlín. Designed to mark the bicentenary of Napoleon Bonaparte’s death, the exhibition celebrates him by tracing the relationship between the French emperor, the ancient world and Rome. It was at Hassenhausen that the main body of the Prussian army, commanded by the Duke of Brunswick, and a corps of the French army under Marshal Davout, collided. 07743 Iéna It serves as a place of remembrance in memory of Goethe’s stay here in 1828. Enjoy your visit. General Morand’s Route This place originally harboured a small pillar that marked the frontier between Jena and Cospeda. E-mail: Markt 7, D-07743 Iéna In his flight he passed by Auerstedt, and toward Liebstedt. Markt 10 and in the Welcome-Center : +49 (0) 34463 / 2 79 89, Auerstedt Castle The palaces in Dornburg, Krehenstrasse 2, are remarkable on several accounts. D-99423 Weimar During the Napoleonic era, French soldiers lodged here, as did the king of Westphalia, the youngest of Napoleon’s brothers. The gallery presents exhibitions of modern art and of the history of Jena. From here, it was possible to take in the entire battlefield when looking out to the North and West. D-06628 Hassenhausen It stands in the fields between Hohlstedt et Kappellendorf. Saxon Tomb Consequently, Prussia had therefore also been defeated at Auerstedt. : +49 (0) 36 43 / 745 0 Goethe’s garden pavillion, in the park near the Ilm, is also an attractive place to visit. D- 99518 Auerstedt Location: B 87 between Taugwitz and Hassenhausen. «Zur Hihen Lilie» House Lee reseñas y reserva un apartamento en Turingia. The castle later became the residence of the prince elector and a hunting lodge of the dukes of Saxe-WeiBenfeld. This part is arranged in chronological order as the battle unfolded. Fax: +49 (0) 36 43 / 745 420 On August 6 of the same year, the Holy Roman Empire was dissolved as a result of Napoleon's victories over Austria. Palace and Cathedral of Moritzburg The Fighting around the Dornberg Holtzendorf was soon forced to retreat toward Apolda, opening the way for the French, who fell upon the left wing of the Prussian and Saxon army near Krippendorf. Tel. Marshal Ney’s troops, posted in the heart of the fighting around Vierzehnheiligen assaulted the German lines between Krippendorf and Isserstadt. The final chapter of the battle of Jena was written by the fighting around the Sperlingsberg, near Kapellendorf. Since 1955, the house is home to the principal museum, at n°s 5-9 Karl-Liebknecht Street. Shortly after, French, Saxon and Prussian troops collided near the village of Rödigen. A walk in the park by the Ilm is an excellent way to discover this pavillion. The rest fled. El «efecto Werther» no sólo creó tendencias literarias y modas en el vestir, sino también una peculiar oleada de suicidios. The Duke of Brunswick’s Route The Duke died three weeks later from his wound. Website:, The 1806 museum Jena – Cospeda The visit to Goethe’s house, n°1 Frauenplan, brings us into the world of this great German author. To reach it, take the public path between Hohlstedt and Kappellendorf. : +49 (0) 36 43 / 745 0 In 1806, the hamlet of Vierzehnheiligen found itself in the heart of the battle of Jena. Two years later, Napoleon organized a grand congress at Erfurt, a short distance from Weimar. On the 14th of October, at 6am, the French attacked the Prussian and Saxon troops holding the Dornberg under the command of General Tauentzien. Audio visit This marshal has displayed outstanding bravery and strength of character, the primary quality in a man of war”. La mayor diferencia entre ellas es el grado de intervención por parte del Estado en la economía, pero ambas conducen hacia la generación de montos exponenciales de liquidez monetaria –se observa en los […] Regierungsstrasse 73, As Napoleon moved towards Jena he met a messenger from Lannes reporting that he had found 10,000-15,000 Prussians north of Jena and believed that another 20,000-25,000 more were to the west between Jena and Weimar. The Prussian ultimatum on the 26th of August 1806, demanding that Napoleon withdraw his troops behind the Rhine before the 8th of October finally obliged him to act. The Prussian troops under General Von Holtzendorf formed the outposts intended to protect the headquarters near Kapellendorf. It's a Small size geocache, with difficulty of 1.5, terrain of 2. 12 Opening times: from Tuesday to Friday, from 10am to 4pm, Saturday and Sunday, from 2pm to 5pm The Fighting near Rödigen Also worth seeing is the Weimar Classical Foundation collection of carriages at the Weimar Carriage Museum. Tel. Here, the Saxons awaited the orders of the Prussian commander in chief, the Prince Hohenlohe-Ingelfingen, who did not arrive. He lived here with his family until his death in 1805. The hills around offered a good view of the battlefield near Vierzehnheiligen. At first, Tauentzien’s forces held out, but more and more French soldiers pressed in on the Dornberg, via the Cospeda heights, taking advantage of a thick fog. It was only on the march that he learned of the resounding defeat of Hohenlohe and Rüchel at Jena, by which time it was no longer possible to change the course of events. Art lovers appreciate the unique character of this building with its large – but intimate, rooms, which allow you to savour the works on display in their integrity. It was in thick fog that the first French assault at Jena began, at 6 am on the 14th of October. En noviembre estalla una revolución general que se extiende por toda Alemania. When fighting began near Rödigen, Von Berlepsch organised the installation of a military hospital in the command centre. Park near to the Ilm Napoleone e il mito di Roma (Napoleon and the myth of Rome) The museum, carefully renovated, belongs to the University, and still gives off the spirit of the place. Whether you are a private individual or a company, if you are a tax payer in France, you get tax benefits on donations to the Fondation Napoléon. In recognition of the crucial role played by the commander of the IIIrd Corps, he was given the honour of entering Berlin first, on 23 October, and awarded the title of Duke of Auerstedt. Here are some other sites linked to the twin battles of Jena/Auerstedt. Other aspects treated include the everyday life of soldiers on both sides, their uniforms and the workings and effects of the weapons of the period. Around 9am, Tauentzien began to retreat toward Isserstadt/Vierzehnheiligen, under the weight of numbers and hoping desperately for help that did not arrive. Schillerstrasse 12 By shortly after 14h30, the French were victorious in this sector. Other attacks were launched against the village of Isserstadt. Tel. : +49 (0) 36 43 / 745 0 Marshal Soult’s corps d’armée formed the right wing of the French forces that mounted the heights via Wenigenjena and the Rau valley. Fax: +49 (0) 36 1 / 66 40 29 0 Moreover, Napoleon was to pass over the Landgrafenberg again in 1808, during the Conference at Erfurt with the Tsar Alexander I of Russia. Their intervention was one of the main reasons that balance of the fighting swung in favour of the French. Am Graben, Tel. Benediktplatz 1 The building was in fact the former home of the philosopher J. Fichte, who at one time taught in Jena. Furthermore, the association «Jena 1806» e. V. is dedicated, in association with many German and international partners, to the re-enactment of the events of 1806. : +49 (0) 36 41/50 88 60 Instead, his soldiers had to withstand two hours of withering fire from French sharpshooters, who were able to use the villages for cover and to fire at leisure on the enemy lines. The philosopher lived here for 50 years, from 1782 to his death in 1832. E-mail:, Johannes D. Falk Monument Rüchel’s troops were defeated at Sperlingsberg near Kappellendorf. Along the main route, you can also discover a complete network of smaller paths and routes that allow visitors to come into contact with the countryside and the history of the battlefields, whether on foot, cycling, or in a car. Rüchel’s offensive failed in the face of French artillery. General Morand commanded the left wing of the French troops that occupied the battlefield between Hassenhausen and Bad Sulza and advanced in the direction of Auerstedt-Eckartsberga. But hopes of a lasting peace were soon disappointed. After seizing the Dornberg, Napoleon could see that a large part of the Prussian and Saxon army had taken up position in the plain behind pouvait Vierzehnheiligen. In this context, it initiated the creation of many information panels and commemorative monuments. During the fighting, the soldiers used it as a landmark. Marschall-Soult-Weg (5 Stunden): Cospeda - Napoleonstein - Closewitzer Rautal - Dornberg - Bockwindmühle - Krippendorf - "Alte Heerstraße" - Vierzehnheiligen - Cospeda, 2. It was here that he was severely wounded. Website:, Erfurt Tourist Office Around 10am the Prussian lines stretched between Rödigen and Lehesten. Tel. Marshal Lannes’ army corps was the first French force to arrive at Jena, where it occupied the Landgrafenberg, a vital strategic position. Two Prussian reserve divisions were unable to take part in the fighting. Marshal Bernadotte’s Route follows the Saale cycle path, linking the battlefield of Jena and Auerstedt. It dates from the period when Efrurt belonged to the kingdom of Mainz, and reflects the European military architecture of the era. Hike routes can be mapped or uploaded from GPS devices. The Memoirs of Baron von Muffling: A Prussian Officer in the Napoleonic Wars, London: Greenhill Books, 1997 (Franciaország: császár) (1769-1821), acélmetszet, történelmi jelenet, képi ábrázolás, 19. sz. At the foot of the church, there is a herb garden and a tea room. In fact, the Renaissance palace was built in the 16th century as a residence, and renovated in the 19th. Communicate to your corps and your generals my satisfaction. Contact: Robert Heyne F. Lorraine Petre, Napoleon’s conquest of Prussia, London: Greenhill Books, 1993 (1907), Col. Stephen L. Bowman, “Using Napoleonic staff rides to educate the modeern military officer : Jena / Auerstadt”, in Consortium on Revolutionary Europe 1750-1850 (University of Florida) Proceedings 1996; Editors: Charles Crouch, Kyle O. Eidahl, Donald D. Horward. Once at the summit, you can appreciate the landscape, the reason that the area is also known as the « Tuscany of the East ». Paul von Beneckendorff und von Hindenburg fue un militar, estadista y político alemán que dirigió en gran parte la política de Alemania durante la segunda mitad de la Primera Guerra Mundial y ejerció como presidente de Alemania desde 1925 hasta su muerte en 1934. Moreover, from the heights of these towers, a superb panorama awaits you. : +49 (0) 36 461/ 2 39 83 But he delegated this responsibility to the Duke of Brunswick. Run by the association «Jena 1806» e. V., the Neuengönna ecomuseum is dedicated to «peasant customs », «regional history» and «the battles of Jena and Auerstadt in 1806». The poet, statesman and scientist Goethe lived here during nearly 50 years until his death in 1832. Vistors can admire a diorama representing the falling in of the Prussian troops, the Duke of Brunswick room and the Marshal Davout room which contains a vast exhibition of artefacts. The next stage in the itinerary is a visit to the important sites related to the battle and the monuments related to it. He attempted in vain to drive them back to Bad Kösen. "Diese schöne kleine Ferienwohnung liegt direkt am Wanderweg am Fuße der Wartburg, ... Guardar Apartamentos en Casa de 200 año de entramado de madera de Napoleón en tus listas. The residence and «office» of the editor Friedrich J. Bertuch, who had frequently published writings against Napoleon, and was obliged to flee Weimar for some time after the 14th of October 1806. Domplatz 31 The museum is lodged in authentic historic buildings from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. The Saxon Route General Holtzendorf’s Route The Route begins at Jena and leads you on to Hassenhausen and Auerstadt via Cospeda, Vierzehnheiligen, and Kapellendorf. It was there that he indicated to his commanders the positions that they were to occupy during the battle on the next day. They do not constitute a route in themselves but give details concerning various sites in Thuringia in general. Situated in one of the oldest townhouses in Jena, the museum welcomes visitors with the “seven miracles of Jena”. During the night, French troops occupied the Landgrafenberg with all their equipment – a truly monumental feat of logistics, particuliarly given the difficulty of transporting cannon in unforgiving terrain. When the Duke of Brunswick, commander-in-chief of the Prussian army, was severely wounded in the head, the King of Prussia vascillated and did not appoint a replacement. Tel. At each site there are panels explaining what happened and visitors have the same view of the battlefield as did the commanders, officers and soldiers whose stories are told on the panels. Saxe-Weimar ( German: Sachsen-Weimar) was one of the Saxon duchies held by the Ernestine branch of the Wettin dynasty in present-day Thuringia. The Historic cemetary, am Poseckschen Garten Old governor’s residence Find out more. The baroque cathedral is located in the heart of the palace, and the oldest part of it, the Romanesque crypt, is one of the oldest in Germany. The movement, from 1772 until 1805, involved Herder as well as polymath Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749–1832) and Friedrich Schiller (1759–1805), a poet and historian. Marshal Murat’s Route From the Dornberg, he could direct the course of operations. © Fondation Napoléon 2021 ISSN 2272-1800. Bernadotte, jealous of Davout, refused to obey the orders given by the Emperor that obliged him to support Davout’s heavily outnumbered corps. Encuentra 471 apartamentos en Turingia. Schiller’s house is another of the sights of Weimar, n°12 Schiller street. During the famous Congress, the Comédie Française gave a performance here. The Weimar branch was the most genealogically senior extant branch of the House of Wettin . Location: South of the B 7, near Isserstadt, Fighting at Sperlingsberg The title of Kurfürst (Prince-elector) of Brandenburg became meaningless, and was dropped. The museum concerns all the personages and esthetic, artistic and philosophical schools of thought of the period. In 1806 Falk had effectively rendered great services to the town by serving as an interpreter and mediator with the French, although the monument was first and foremost set up to honour Falk’s social engagement in helping orphans of the campaigns of 1813/15. Imperial Hall

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