When radio rocked your mind, not just the airwaves. Typically DAB adds three-times as many radio stations for a listener to choose from. Popularity is based on millions of responses from the British public and YouGov's innovative survey methodology. Breaking barriers. NOTE: The Ofcom Online Licence Service has been upgraded. One trip, one country, one song at a time. The UK is a multiplatform radio environment, and probably the most advanced of its type in the world. Digital radio share of listening time in the United Kingdom (UK) Q1 2009-Q1 2020 Leading media listening activities in the United Kingdom (UK) 2017, by share of time View schedule. Creating the culture of today. ON AIR: 15:00 - 18:00 Jamz Supernova on 6 Finally, the top 10 UK radio stations’ number one contender is BBC Radio 2 – a channel that started at the same time as BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio 1, in 1967. Radio 5 live sports extra. Live United Kingdom radio stations online. Radio in the UK started back in the early 1920's with just one tiny BBC radio station in Chelmsford, Essex. The regulatory authority for UK Amateur Radio is Ofcom. ON AIR: 13:45 - 16:00 Six Nations 2021. And having fun. The BBC was formed in 1922 as a number of radio manufacturers came together to promote the new medium. 33% of listening is to DAB. Living fast. This had been extended to 79 sites by the beginning of the 1970s. Our look at radio broadcasting in the UK, information on the radio industry, help on finding a job in radio, broadcasting courses, digital radio services, and a look at some nostalgia. They weren’t called the Swinging Sixties for nothing. Radio 6 Music. DAB is essentially a different way of broadcasting radio, with names not frequencies. Listen to your favorite United Kingdom music for free without registering at Onlineradiobox.com In the 70s. UK Amateur Licensing. The BBC dominated radio And changed it. Our team actively looks for the best online radio stations to join the directory. We love radio and are committed to making LiveRadio.uk the leading directory of online radio stations from United Kingdom and across the world. The most popular radio station in the UK according to YouGov Ratings. You were there in the 60s. Below are some useful links and information for accessing the amateur radio licence information on the Ofcom website. The article UK and Ireland Radio Stations in 1966 lists the BBC FM transmitters at the 62 sites in use by the end of 1966. Only 53% of all radio listening is to AM/FM. The UK radio market today is a product of over 90 years of radio broadcasting in the UK and 40 years of commercial radio broadcasting. Shaking the system. You experienced the world. The only long-standing radio station in the UK to offer nothing but classical music, Classic FM is the go-to-choice for classical listening. More radio stations means more chances to find the music you love. The Radio 2 channel is an evolution of the BBC’s original “Light” programme, and it currently earns about 15.3 million listeners a week. Previous and new users should read the (re)registration instructions carefully The launch of the BBC.