Then, the three discovered that the chamber that they were in was about to collapse down a deep chasm as it began to tilt. Earth After it was a success, she returned to Atlantis to operate on Sheppard. Their radios didn't work either, so Keller was frustrated because she didn't know any of the circumstances of the lockdown. Though Keller continued to voice that she wished to be replaced, Weir simply informed her that the International Oversight Advisory were already in the process of choosing a new candidate but that they were known to take time on their decisions. When they all returned home to Atlantis, Keller told Ronon that she was interested in someone else. In the meantime, the two started to develop a romantic interest. Ihre Mutter starb vor ein paar Jahren. (SGA: "Brain Storm"), After "Todd" returned on his Hive ship, it was revealed that the gene therapy caused an illness amongst the Wraith. Started out modeling, was recommened to act at age 6. The only differences that this clone had from the late doctor were his experiences since Beckett's capture nearly two years previously when the clone was made and the dependence on a weekly treatment that Michael devised to keep the clone alive. He sent two of his ships to defend the site and witnessed both ships disintegrate as soon as they activated their hyperspace drives. Teyla and Ronon were immune to this new outbreak, so they led the search for the cure: the sap of the enchuri plant. While dangling from the rope with McKay on the other end, Keller discovered a shaft that led out. (SGA: "First Strike", "Doppelganger", "Missing", "Quarantine", "The Last Man"). (SGA: "First Strike", "Adrift"), After Lt. Sometimes-Wraith-ally "Todd" (as Sheppard nicknamed him) was open to testing this new retrovirus because Michael's release of the modified Hoffan Drug was killing his hive by poisoning random food sources. Keller, now in Neeva's body was abandoned by Neeva's two accomplices, Bordal and Jannick and was caught by the planet's authorities. (SGA: "Quarantine"), She investigated the planet M5V-801, where a village was located near an abandoned mining facility, and showed to have unsafe air quality, as well as frequent tremors. She worked with "Todd" to finalize the therapy, where she heard that the Wraith may not want it, since feeding on them gives them dominance over the galaxy, and without that, they wouldn't know what to do. But having lived through a similar experience with his grandfather, Ronon Dex proposed taking McKay to a shrine that was located on a planet formerly of the Ancestors (Ancients) that was said to be where the affected person could have one final day of lucidity before dying. However, Jannick attempted to kill her. After Teyla's rescue, Sheppard allowed Keller to operate on him. Kiryk captured Keller so that she could treat a young girl who had a severe infection from a leg wound. Ronon appeared to be in the lead while he went with her to the Daedalus. Fortunately the ship was saved and the device was disabled by the efforts of Dr. Rodney McKay and Dr. Daniel Jackson. The three tried all kinds of ways to climb out of the hole, including building a bridge like Keller had learned to do in a bar bet, but none of their methods worked. (SGA 5.19 "Vegas"), Detective Sheppard managed to kill the Wraith and save Earth from his transmission, but the transmitter's design and energy consumption caused it to broadcast its message into other realities. Sheppard was able to take the phage and injected her with it, which killed the tendrils, and Keller later made a complete recovery. After Dr. Rodney McKay was also taken to the mess hall without his memories, he proposed an escape attempt. (SGA 4.07 "Missing"), Keller became Teyla's confidante after their time together in New Athos. (SGA 3.20 "First Strike Part 1"), Keller suggested that the Asuran nanites implanted into Weir about a year prior (SGA 3.05 "Progeny") be reactivated to heal her massive head injuries. Keller urged him to enter stasis until she and her team devised a treatment to save him. TV Shows Stargate: Atlantis. (SGA 4.16 "Trio"), Her medical expertise includes general and neurosurgery, genetic research, and cosmetic surgery. Eventually, they form a plan to escape after hearing the self-destruct alarm, by using an oxygen tank to blow a hole in the door, which did not work. (SGA: "First Contact", "The Lost Tribe"), While she stayed with Dr. Rodney McKay who went around Janus' lab, she noticed two Long-range communication stones and held one of them, until McKay told her to let go of it. Meanwhile, the Attero device was activated, "Todd" suspected an ambushed and held the ship hostage. The Asuran who took on Keller's likeness was destroyed when her group was discovered in their Atlantis look-a-like by Oberoth, the leader of the Asurans who did not embrace ascension as the next evolutionary step of his kind. To illustrate the point, she recalled when she went away to summer camp, but wasn't able to "survive" for more than three days, even though there were other kids to play with and many comforts, such as beds in cabins and food that was prepared for them. She wasn't able to convince them that she wasn't Casol, and so mistrust grew among them. In the meantime, the two started to develop a romantic interest. Keller managed to give them a fake address which will not lead them to Atlantis, since they believed that the Bola Kai were Wraith worshippers and had the Athosians kidnapped. Price: US $29.99 [History: 3 sold] Shipping: FREE Economy Shipping | See … She asked McKay for a drink after he lost a bet with her while stuck in an underground mining facility of the Genii, but later asked him out, since it really wasn't about the bet. (SGA 4.20 "The Last Man Part 1", SGA 5.01 "Search and Rescue Part 2"), Sheppard led his and another team to where Teyla would be found on M2S-445, but they arrived too early. The team, however, made it back to Atlantis with a ZPM that saved the city. Political information Dr. Jennifer Keller is the current chief of medicine of the Atlantis Base in the Pegasus Galaxy. Slowly, but surely, her body was taken over by the beginnings of a Wraith hive. Dr. Keller speaks with Dr. Weir shortly after her arrival in Atlantis. Female Even after obtaining these incredible skills, Keller still lacked confidence in her abilities. She also experience lack of sleep. Jewel Staite (Dr. Keller) Stargate Atlantis AUTOGRAPH: Condition: New. (SGA 5.17 "Infection", SGA 5.20 "Enemy at the Gate"), In what probably had to be one of the most frightening experiences of her life, Keller unwittingly swapped bodies with a thief named Neeva Casol through the activation of Ancient Long-Range Communications Devices. There was no need for her to be concerned about his hurt feelings, for soon thereafter, Technician Amelia Banks caught his attention. The Atlantis Expedition existed without him, but many of the same people served on the Base, including Dr. Rodney McKay, Dr. Radek Zelenka, IOA Representative Richard Woolsey, and Dr. Jennifer Keller. It actually took Sheppard longer to heal after this ordeal than it did for Keller, who was released from quarantine before Sheppard was allowed to leave his infirmary bed. (SGA 3.20 "First Strike Part 1", SGA 4.01 "Adrift Part 2", SGA 4.19 "The Kindred Part 2", SGA 5.08 "The Queen"). Keller fell off the platform, but managed to grab a rope before plunging to her death. After Michael brought his cruiser to investigate, and blocked off the Stargate to prevent the Humans from escaping, she went inside the Puddle Jumper and to the orbiting Daedalus. On the way back to Stargate Command, they spent most of the time in their private jet kissing. (SGA 5.11 "The Lost Tribe Part 2", SGA 5.14 "The Prodigal", SGA 5.20 "Enemy at the Gate"), When it came to having to ask someone out on a date to a presentation on Earth, McKay immediately thought of Keller. The only problem with this was that Todd's hive didn't have a queen. Once Ronon and McKay found Keller, they accepted Kiryk as a fellow Wraith-fighter. On the way, Bordal was killed by villagers, and fearing for her life, Keller fled, only to be eventually found by Jannick. Bei "Stargate: Atlantis" übernahm sie die Rolle der Dr. Jennifer Keller, die nach dem Tod von Carson Beckett zur Leiterin der Krankenstation ernannt wurde. Though she didn't know what to do, McKay told her that she would find a solution, and after working with "Todd", she was able to find one, by him going to retrieve an Iratus bug. She not only killed a Wraith by stealthily approaching him from behind and running him through with a blade, but she also fought off a Wraith attacker with a stick. However, Weir continued to get worse and in the end she asked Dr. Rodney McKay to re-activate the Nanites in Weir's cells to save her life, which did the trick. Having been buried alive together with some of his colleagues at the end of season four, he and his teammates were eventually found alive in Search and Rescue. She talked with Sheppard about the case, trying to determine how much he knew and what he thought. On the private flight home, McKay and Keller kissed. As Dr. McKay struggles to figure out why the stargate has been inoperable, a mysterious probe plunges into the city. Allegiances (SGA: "Infection"). However, in the process, she and Teyla were caught and was brought to be interrogated. Dr. Jennifer Keller ist eine fiktive Figur aus der kanadisch-amerikanischen Science-Fiction-Serie Stargate Atlantis, einer Ausgründungsserie von Stargate SG Sie wird von der kanadischen Schauspielerin Jewel Staite gespielt, die zuvor in der. There was some sexual attraction, perhaps stemming from Keller's similarities to Ronon's late wife who was also in the medical field. Watch Stargate Atlantis (2004) - Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, დრამა TVShow: With the Ancients' city of Atlantis discovered in the Pegasus Galaxy by Stargate Command, Dr. Elizabeth Weir and Major Sheppard lead a scientific expedition to the ancient abandoned city. The next day, the three were forced to flee when Bola Kai discovered them. (SGA: "Identity"), At the start of the year, she prepared the Atlantis infirmary for the planned to return to Earth to stop a Super-hive. This likeness was drawn from the memories of Dr. Weir, who had been integrated by the Asurans into their society. Jewel Staite Stargate Ships Stargate Atlantis Sci Fi Tv Sci Fi Books Atlantis Tv Series Stargate Universe Marvel Universe Daniel Jackson. Months later, McKay, who was dying from Second Childhood, admitted to be in love with her, and said it to her in case he would forget, or may never be recovered. They were taking this risk because Atlantis was the only ship that could engage a Wraith "superhive" that had managed to reach Earth. He developed a Phage that could neutralize the pathogen and save Keller. Remarkably, the shrine omitted a type of radiation that was repelling to the parasite, which made its affect on its host ineffectual. When asked how she was able to do that she revealed that she had been taking sparring lessons with Ronon. They soon found an injured man named Nabel Golan, who claimed to be a Genii. (SGA 4.04 "Doppelganger"), After Atlantis had to relocate to a different planet in order to escape the Asurans, they began to show signs of an illness that would lead them to amnesia, and if not treated, to death. (SGA 5.16 "Brain Storm"), After Todd abandoned the Daedalus, he tried out Keller's gene therapy on members of his hive, including himself. (SGA: "The Queen"), She went to M33-985 to investigate an influenza-like illness on the planet, with Dr. Rodney McKay and Ronon Dex, but during the visit, she was quickly captured by a runner named Kiryk. It began to do exactly what it was designed to do—eliminated their feeding hands and activated their digestive systems—but it also created a virulent, cancer-like disease at the same time that it was weakening their immune system. Keller removed the parasite on-site with a power drill, and McKay soon recovered. Eventually, they form a plan to escape after hearing the self-destruct alarm, by using an oxygen tank to blow a hole in the door, which did not work. She spent more time trying to find a cure for Dr. Carson Beckett's condition after acquiring Michael's database on the planet M2S-445, when she noticed a gelatinous substance around her hands, not knowing they were the first symptoms from the Wraith pathogen. Keller treated everyone as long as she could, but eventually, even she succumbed. In addition to this, Keller's colleagues had spoken highly of her skills although Keller herself was doubtful of the accuracy of these claims. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. (SGA: "Enemy at the Gate"). But when Tunney's project to draw heat away from Earth through the Tunney Space-Time Matter Bridge into a parallel universe went awry, it was McKay's knowledge of his and his sister Jeanie Miller's work in creating a bridge to an alternate reality that saved them. She tried to save his life, but he eventually died. Teyla escorts Dr. Keller to New Athos for the Athosian's quarterly medical checkup (the first such since Dr. Keller became head of medicine). (SGA: "First Strike"), Shortly after this, the Asurans attacked Atlantis with their Satellite weapon. She managed to see light and found a way out by swinging to the tunnel. Though Keller was not much for relationships, she appeared to be a part of a love triangle between herself, Ronon Dex and Dr. Rodney McKay. Weir, however, informed Keller that she had been doing an adequate job and let her know that she was happy to put her life in Keller's hands. 2,498 likes. Keller admitted that she had been taking lessons from Ronon. Keller was the first to show symptoms one month after everyone's return. The search for this city had been an ong… Keller and some teams went on board the Hive, where Keller worked on what was responsible, and how to cure it. Keller goes one on one against a hunter and managed to hold on until McKay reloaded his pistol and killed the Wraith with it. Her attempts to convince the Magistrate the situation failed, and was sentenced to execution. Stargate Atlantis' swan song fifth season proved to be one heck of a ride for the show's resident genius, Dr. Rodney McKay. You will be receiving the exact photo pictured in this listing. Since Michael had been affected by the retrovirus and left as neither completely human nor completely Wraith, he searched for the right retrovirus to create a new race that would serve him as their leader. (SGA 5.06 "The Shrine"), With her extensive exposure to the genetic research of Beckett and Michael, Keller began developing a new gene therapy that would preserve a Wraith's overall Wraith-ness with the exception of his need to feed on humans for sustenance. The attempt succeeded, but as she was helping him, she got stunned by Lorne's team. After the outbreak subsided, she made a full recovery and returned to her duties. While Richard Woolsey of the International Oversight Advisory was in Atlantis at the time, she wondered if she was sent to save Davos' life, since she diagnosed him with lymphatic cancer, or if the IOA want to experiment on him about his evolution. 1. The treatment was exceedingly painful, but successful. (SGA: "The Seed"), After the Satedan Tyre was brought into the Atlantis infirmary, she had him restrained to go through Wraith enzyme withdrawal. They were about to kiss when the quarantine situation was resolved and the doors were opened again. But I do think I'm a pretty good judge of character..." (SGA 4.07 "Missing"), While on New Athos, Teyla protected her, and she eventually found the courage she needed when they were finally captured by the Bola Kai. After she gained status as a medical professional, she then gained military clearance to the Stargate Program; where she joined the Atlantis expedition. Spent first three years of life in Maui. Jennifer Keller Because she was Teyla's medical doctor, she was the first to discover that Teyla was pregnant. Here in this installment of the series, Ronon and McKay must search for Dr. Keller, as she is kidnapped by a runner and forced to … Tau'riAtlantis expedition Out of the entire fleet, only one of the Wraith managed to escape the battle. Beide basieren auf dem Kinofilm Stargate aus dem Jahr 1994. Her words were almost identical to his in the video that she recorded when he was infected with the parasite. At that point, she admitted to him that she loved him and that she had felt that way for a "some time now." Fortunately, with Ronon's and Teyla's guidance, the remainder of the base personnel were cured and their memories returned. To make it even more complicated, Carter broke her leg when she fell from the bridge and stacked crates when a tremor on the unstable planet hit. She recounted to the team about the practical joke involving a snake and a cadaver while in medical school. (SGA: "Tracker", "The Lost Tribe", "Brain Storm", "Identity", "Enemy at the Gate"). She was relying on Teyla to get through the night until the rest of her team could rescue them. His goal was to wipe out all the humans and the Wraith—both of whom had rejected him—by releasing a modified version of the Hoffan Drug into the humans' water supply and causing them to become poison to the Wraith that fed upon them. They brought him along with then and treated him while they were hiding. (SGA 5.10 "First Contact Part 1", SGA 5.11 "The Lost Tribe Part 2"), Ronon was with Keller on the Daedalus during the crisis with the Wraith. Ronon and she tried to break down one of the doors with an oxygen tank used as a missile, but the doors proved much tougher than anticipated. Teyla's son had two parents who had trace Wraith DNA that left them with the mental skills to connect to the Wraith's psychic network. Later, it becomes more apparent after Ronon taught her in sparring sessions and when McKay confronted him about whether or not he did have romantic intentions with her. (SGA 4.19 "The Kindred Part 2"), Beckett's clone was an unexpected discovery found by Teyla's team when they were actually searching for her. They reached Earth and managed to destroy the hive, but the ZPMs were drained in the battle and Atlantis was forced to land on Earth in the Pacific Ocean. Keller was separated from them long enough for a Runner named Kiryk to capture her. (SGA 4.13 "Quarantine"), When Keller was on a medical away mission to treat the respiratory problems suffered by the people of M5V-801, she, Col. Carter, and Dr. McKay fell into an underground mining complex left behind by the Genii. Like traveling in the wormhole of a Stargate, Atlantis would reach Earth nearly instantaneously using the wormhole drive, but the energy required was enormous. (SGA: "Identity"), Weeks later, she examined Richard Woolsey, who thought he had hallucinated. He would not reveal something so personal. The cloak still worked, and Keller and McKay shared a great view of San Francisco Bay from one of Atlantis' balconies. Using his telepathic abilities, the Wraith was able to win great sums of money in the casinos so that he could buy … With improvised tools, she was able to remove the parasite from McKay's brain and saved him. This lone Wraith disguised himself with make-up that made him blend in well in Las Vegas, Nevada. Although inexperienced with off-world missions, Dr. Keller adjusted to her new role thanks to the help of Teyla and the rest of the Atlantis crew. As such, she asked Dr. Elizabeth Weir if she could be replaced. After several attempts to escape, the facility was going to collapse. She tried to convince the Magistrate that she was Dr. Jennifer Keller of Atlantis, but because she was in the body of Casol, the Magistrate ignored her pleas, taking them as a desperate attempt by Casol to escape sentencing. Keller convinced him that she knew a former runner, Ronon and managed to disable his tracking device with a defibrillator on the way to the Stargate to take the girl back to Atlantis for better treatment. As Atlantis dropped the shields temporarily to escape from Lantea to M12-578, the Asuran beam grazed the tower and Weir was seriously injured. During this time, she made the mistake of confiding in her biology lab partner about her fear of the movie Alien. When he suffered from a degenerative condition, and finding the cure didn't lead far, she sent him to a stasis pod, where she promised that she had a team working on his condition, and will find a cure for him. This comment turned prophetic when Weir was critically injured during an Asuran attack on the city, and Keller was the doctor on call to treat her. It is through this outpost that, in Stargate: Atlantis' series premiere \"Rising\", an eight symbol gate address is found that leads to the long-sought-after \"Lost City\" of the Ancients— also known as Atlantis. After Kiryk sacrificed himself by gating to another planet so Keller and Celise could return to Atlantis, she was successful in treating her upon returning and the girl survived. Dr. Jennifer Keller/SGA. Colonel John Sheppard unwillingly brought an entity from the crystals of M3X-387, who had the ability to control its hosts' dreams, Keller became one of those who experienced a horrible nightmare, in which she dreamt that Teyla Emmagan was killed after an Iratus bug burst out of her stomach. Despite her position as acting head of medicine on Atlantis, Keller did not consider herself qualified to run such a large department and soon began to lose sleep over her new responsibilities. As it turned out, this Earth also had the Ancient Weapons Platform, which had been moved from Antarctica to Area 51. (Stargate Atlantis: 3.20 "First Strike Part 1"), Looking back on her childhood, Keller classified herself as a wimp with a low threshold for pain. Teyla chose not to tell her teammates immediately after she found out, but Keller reminded her that she could not keep it a secret for very much longer. During their time together, Todd took to referring to Jennifer as 'Fair One', as the Wraith translation of her name, and Jennifer in turn became the first human to ask what Todd's name was in Wraith culture, Todd providing her with a loose translation of his Wraith name as 'Guide'. She was chosen by Dr. Elizabeth Weir, due to her experience in the medical field. (SGA: "Tabula Rasa"), At one point, she and Teyla Emmagan went to New Athos on a medical check-up on the Athosians. Sheppard successfully used a phage against her that was created by Dr. Beckett, who was now released from stasis with a serum developed by Keller. Using his vast experience at tracking, Ronon led McKay on the search for Keller, all the while having to fight Wraith who had come to the planet to hunt Kiryk, just as they had hunted Ronon when he was tagged as a Runner. (SGA 4.10 "The Mortal Coil Part 1"), During a poorly-executed quarantine lockdown of the Atlantis Base, Keller was stranded in the infirmary with Ronon. This transmission contained the coordinates to Earth and the location of the Weapons Platform at Area 51. According to her, she missed out on a lot of parties and dances and felt like she didn't belong. Later, McKay briefed Sheppard on the Stargate Program, the Atlantis Expedition, and the aliens known as the Wraith. He saved this little girl from the Wraith that he had inadvertently brought to her village. Dr. Keller's relationship with Rodney McKay. As part of the effort to test this retrovirus, Jennifer voluntarily acted as the 'guinea pig', injecting herself with the various strains so that Todd could 'feed' on her, unwilling to subject another to a potentially painful procedure and trusting that Todd would restore her to life if the strains didn't work. One night, after Beckett was cured, she was unable to wake up, and tendrils started growing around her. While their team arrived and started to search for them, the two were rescued by Nabel. After Dr. Carson Beckett was killed in an explosion, Keller became his temporary replacement. Le Dr Jennifer Keller est un personnage fictif de la série télévisée de science-fiction américano-canadienne Stargate Atlantis. The Device also had the unfortunate side effect of causing Stargates to overload and explode, so after three days of testing, it was never used again. Ronon Dex, who had an infatuation towards her and so decided to join her, claiming that his presence was needed in case of some Wraith incursion. Keller was tied up and beaten, but she didn't reveal any information about Atlantis. He helped Carter and then finally himself. Title: Loving and Loathing Author: Daisy May Fandom: Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1 Genre: Alternate Universe, Challenge Response, Established relationship, Marriage of Convenience Relationship(s): Rodney McKay/John Sheppard, Jack O’Neill/Daniel Jackson/Sam Carter Content Rating: PG13 Warnings: Character Bashing Word Count: 10,321 Summary: Sometime after the death and funeral of … Later, her status seemed to have become permanent. With everything he had, McKay held tightly to the rope while Keller swung to safety. Her skill at using three knives and three stationary cups to build a bridge that can support another cup's weight came in handy years later during an off-world mission to M5V-801. Though she felt she wouldn't make the same impression the late Dr. Carson Beckett did, Teyla assured her that she would be welcomed by her people. Even though Keller successfully disabled Kiryk's transmitter and basically gave him a new life free from running, he chose to lead the Wraith in a chase through the Stargate so that Keller, McKay, Ronon, and the little girl could be saved. During her time in Atlantis, she has become widely accepted by the rest of the expedition. Todd thought that the Expedition had led him into a trap and then activated the Device against him, but Woolsey tried to convince him that they had nothing to do with it. 8"x10" card stock photo from Stargate: Atlantis of Dr. Keller hand signed (not a reprint) with a black pen by Jewel Staite. The two started a relationship, which became known amongst the rest of the expedition; however, they were still somewhat surprised that Keller would actually go for McKay. I'm not athletic, I can't cook, you don't even want to hear me try to play the piano. Stargate Atlantis ist ein Spin-off der Fernsehserie Stargate SG-1. She obtained her bachelor's degree before reaching voting age (18 in the United States). Our SGA re-watch now continues with Season 5, episode 9 “Tracker”. FIND IT NOW: Dr. Jennifer Keller took over the position of chief medical officer after the tragic loss of Dr. Carson Beckett. She eventually found why Davos was able to see in the future; his brain showed a high synaptic activity which stayed constant. Race Todd himself was permitted by Sheppard to take the Stargate to a planet where the Wraith would allow an Iratus Bug to feed on him in order to heal him. This appeared to be the beginning of a mutual attraction between these two. He knew she wasn't Neeva, but Keller convinced him she wasn't his enemy. After he refused to get out of the way so she could free Teyla, Keller shot and wounded Nabel. This fear was realized when her associate Dr. Kate Heightmeyer died in her sleep in a nightmare induced by the same hostile alien entity. (MGM) Saved by t-o-y. (SGA 4.20 "The Last Man Part 1", SGA 5.01 "The Seed"), Everyone who was on M2S-445 was affected by a pathogen that was released from one of Michael's labs when the collapse occurred. They shared their first kiss at that moment, and then the two consummated their relationship on the private plane ride home. Even so, Todd was also a forward-thinker and he took a copy of the research with him when his party left the ship. While locked up in a cage together, Keller opened up more to Teyla about her family and life back on Earth. Jewel Staite. Fortunately, she was saved by Bordal and Jannick, who quickly became suspicious of "Neeva". Teyla Emmagan found her like this when she did not report for duty. Ronon appeared to have an interest in her while they were trapped in a quarantine lockdown of the city. That didn't stop him from making cryptic remarks that left others wondering what he meant, though. She tried to joke with him about playing with his insides, but the joke didn't go over well at all. She was later rescued by Ronon and fired a FN P90 Personal Defense Weapon for the first time outside a firing range to dispatch some Wraith. In her effort to escape from the tribesmen, Keller sprained her ankle, but continued to attempt to be brave under extreme stress. However, while attempting to contact help, the area she was in was sealed due to freeze lightning, and cold water rushed to her corridor, where she started to freeze. After finding the properties of a shrine on Talus, she decided not to take him there, since it was a Wraith stronghold, but after Jeannie Miller overruled her decision, she went there with McKay and the team, where she discovered that the shrine emitted radiation that shrunk the parasite enough for the victim to revert to his or her normal self again. Upon their arrival, they discovered that the Athosians were gone and that the settlement was being scavenged by the Bola Kai, a cannibalistic primitive tribe. Appearances Some stories were better left untold and some secrets were better left unsaid. Born in White Rock, BC, Canada. Apparently, Tunney had gained access to McKay's and Miller's work through government contractor connections. When they arrive however, they find that the entire village was deserted and that the gate was guarded by Bola Kai.